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Our Board and governance

Our Board is responsible for setting our long-term direction and ensuring that we are delivering for our customers.

Our Board and governance

Our Board is made up of executive directors, non-executive directors representing our shareholders and independent non-executive directors. It is led by a Chair and is responsible for making decisions affecting our Company.

Our Board

Transparency and governance

Our Board works within a governance framework that is laid down by the UK Corporate Governance Code and the Companies Act. Members have been focused on enhancing their board leadership, transparency and governance for some time and we recognise the importance of being open and accountable to both our employees and customers about how our business is run. As part of this we publish the minutes of each Board meeting:

Board meeting minutes

Annual General Meetings

Our Board operates four main committees, each chaired by an independent non-executive director:

Audit Committee

Responsible for making sure we follow robust and effective processes for financial and regulatory reporting, internal controls and risk management.

Audit Committee terms of reference

Remuneration Committee

Responsible for our remuneration policy and its application, including levels of executive pay and the targets that are set as part of the performance-related employee bonus.

Remuneration Committee terms of reference

Nomination Committee

Responsible for making sure the Board size, structure and membership is reviewed, succession planning for Board members and senior managers and reviewing Board performance.

Nomination Committee terms of reference

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee

Responsible for ensuring the Company is fulfilling its legal and moral duties in creating and maintaining an appropriate culture, system and processes to manage its health, safety and wellbeing obligations.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee

Matters reserved for the Board

A schedule of matters reserved for the Board's approval.

Matters reserved for the Board policy

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