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"I'd really recommend using GetWaterFit. It helps you think about how much water you use and which areas you could be saving on." An SES Water customer


Are you a savvy saver? Or perhaps you just care about doing your bit for the environment?

The Environment Agency has classified the South East of England (and SES Water supply area) as being in serious water stress. Therefore we need to save water now to ensure there is enough for everyone in our area and enough left in the environment for healthy rivers and wildlife.

Do your part and start saving water now by completing the GetWaterFit calculator from our partners Save Water Save Money.

Simply enter your postcode and within a few minutes it will create a personalised dashboard for your home, with ideas on how to save water, energy and money.

Once completed you can: order free water saving devices, watch videos on how they work and how to fit them, have a call with the Save Water Save Money team if you have any questions about the platform or products, plus you may also qualify for a free leak repair with our partner SES Home Services.

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