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Moving within our area

Moving within our area

We’re glad you’re staying in our supply area and happy to serve you at your new property.

What you need to do

Compete the moving within our area form

Please complete our online form giving us at least two working days’ notice of your moving details so that we can either take a meter reading or, if you’re not metered, provide an accurate bill to help you budget accordingly.

If you don't give us this notice, you'll be liable for all charges up until:

  • The day on which the meter (if you have one) would normally have been read to calculate the charges, or
  • The day on which someone else tells us they have become the new occupier, or
  • The day we find out about the change

What you need to know

If you have a meter and we have to produce a bill retrospectively, the standing charge will be calculated up until the date you moved out and the volume charge calculated to the date the meter was read.

If you move into a property and don't tell us, you'll be liable for all charges from that date or, if the property is not occupied, the date you took responsibility for charges.

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Change of occupancy metering scheme

We operate a scheme to install meters at properties whenever there is a change of occupancy.

Learn more about the change of occupancy metering scheme

Assuming responsibility for an unoccupied property?

If you are assuming responsibility for an unoccupied property,you need to tell us at least two working days’ beforehand. 

If the property has a water meter, the meter will remain in place and we will only bill you for standing charges and charges for surface water drainage.

If the property is unmeasured, you can request us to turn off the supply at the principal boundary stopcock - please tell us at least two days in advance of the start of your responsibility for the property by completing our moving into our area form and tick the Unoccupied property box.

If you request the supply to be turned off, all charges will be waived other than those for surface water drainage (as long as it's economic to bill for this service only). If the property is unmeasured, you can opt to have a meter fitted.

If you don't give us adequate notice, the standard charges will remain payable. No allowances will be made in retrospect or on premises vacant for less than three months.

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