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Work in your area

Sometimes we need to carry out essential work to our vast network of pipes but we try to minimise the disruption that this may cause.

Work in your area

We maintain over 3,400 km of water mains. Unfortunately, as our equipment ages there will inevitably be times where failures occur, resulting in one of the following:   

Planned work includes repairs to known water leaks – we work with local councils to agree a date where we can set up traffic management (if needed) to be able to make the necessary repair to the faulty piece of equipment.  

Reported leaks are leaks we are aware of and are in the process of planning in a date for its repair. 

Supply interruptions usually occur when a significant leak or burst causing loss of pressure or a complete loss of supply to a customer’s tap. We may also need to actively interrupt a supply when making a repair – this is usually for a set amount of time and something we control with valves.  

Investing for the future

When a water main has reached the end of its useful life (resulting in multiple bursts and leaks) we resort to what we call capital investment - this is where we replace an existing main for a brand new one. This could be anything from one single road or street to a whole area where the work is phased over the course of several months. Capital investment also covers work we do to lay new trunk mains (larger pipes that carry huge volumes of water from one area to another) which allows us to minimise supply interruptions by re-routing water from one area to another.    

Updates in your area

Get the latest information on repairs, supply interruptions or planned investment work in your area. You can also report leaks and register your postcode for text and email updates. 

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