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Higher than usual bill

Is your bill higher than usual?

If your bill is higher than usual, we know it can be worrying, which is why we're here to help you - there might be a simple explanation.

The most common cause of high bills is using lots of water. You may be using more water just by being at home more often than usual. Take a moment and think about the water you've used recently.

If you've been using the same amount of water as normal and are still worried about your bill, follow the three simple steps below to help identify the issue. Alternatively, you can use our water use self help checks.

1. Check your bill

Is your most recent meter reading an estimate? If so, this means we haven't been able to read your meter. It's easy to read the meter yourself, just watch the short video below to find out how.


To get a more accurate bill, you can easily submit a meter reading via the link below:

Submit a reading

2. Check for unexpected use

It is often easy to forget just how much water we all use on a daily basis. Small increases to our water usage can sometimes go unnoticed until we receive a bill. The short video below highlights some of the possible reasons your water usage might have increased recently.


There are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the amount of water you use, which will not only help save you money but also help save the environment. Remember, every drop counts. Find out how to reduce your water usage by clicking the water use checks link below.

Water use checks

3. Check for leaks

If you still think your bill is high, you may have a leak. It's important to regularly check for leaks in your home to avoid wasting water and causing your bill to increase. Watch the short video below to find out how to check for leaks.


If you are concerned your underground pipework may be leaking, please contact us by phoning 01737 772000 or visit our leak advice page at the link below.

Report a leak

Useful information

Still not sure what might have caused your bill to increase? Why not try completing our GetWaterFit calculator to find out ways you could be saving water and money. Once completed you can order free water saving devices, see how much you can save with personalised water saving challenges, plus you may also qualify for a free leak repair with our partner SES Home Services.

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