Saving water in the home

Saving water in the home

We use the most water at home – in the bathroom and kitchen – which means this is where we can do the most to save water. Have a look at our top tips – it’s easy to see how the volume soon mounts up!

  • Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth or shaving saves up to six litres every minute
  • If you have a dual flush toilet, use the small flush when possible and check if the cistern is leaking down the back of the pan between flushes – this wastes on average 400 litres a day
  • Take a four-minute shower rather than filling up the bath which uses around 100 litres of water
  • Make sure washing machines and dishwashers run on a full load as half load settings use more than half the amount of water and energy. You also don’t need to rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher – simply scrape food into the bin which keeps sewers clear too
  • Fix dripping taps – usually a new washer is all you’ll need
  • Use the plug or a bowl to wash dishes or vegetables so you don’t need to leave the tap running

Free home water efficiency checks

In less than an hour and at a time to suit you, our expert technicians will tell you how much money and water you could save.

They will check the flow rate of your taps and shower to understand if a free water efficiency device can be fitted. They’ll also check for leaking taps and toilets where possible, and make minor repairs while they are there. If you have a single flush toilet, they may even be able to convert it to a dual flush.

For further information and to book please call 0330 333 9801.

Image showing a saving water boxFree water saving packs

There are a whole range of FREE devices available to help you save water and money. From eco shower heads to shower timers and tap aerators, little changes can add up to make a big difference.

Visit our freepack page to find out more and place an order. 

Finding and fixing leaks

About a third of all water lost through leaks escapes from customers’ pipework but we can help with finding and fixing leaks.

Help with leaks

More ways to save water