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Network latest

Reports of discolouration in water supply for properties in KT18 postcode area

We've received reports about discolouration in the water supply for customers living in the KT18 postcode area.


Discolouration is usually caused by the disturbance of tiny particles of iron or chalk deposits in the water mains, which have been disturbed by a change in the direction or speed of flow of the water. These particles are not harmful to your health but the taste may not be up to the usual standard. Read our factsheet for more information.


On this occasion the disturbance of particles is due to a company illegally taking water from a fire hydrant through the unauthorised use of a standpipe. We have successfully prosecuted companies in the past for these actions.


Please help us identify these water thieves by taking the following action:

  1. First check to see if the operative is using an orange coloured standpost to extract the water. (If they are not, its likely not to be an authorised standpost) 
  2. Take a photo of the fire hydrant with the standpost connected and in use
  3. Take a photo of the vehicle registration being used 
  4. Take a photo of the company name on the vehicle if possible
  5. Send this information to or DM us on Twitter @SESWater
Updated 14.29 on Tuesday 30th November 2021