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We are dedicated to helping the retailers who provide account services to businesses in our supply area.

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Wholesale Service Desk

Open Water

Most businesses in England have been able to choose which company (known as a retailer) supplies their water services such as account management, billing and customer service, since 2017. 

If you were a SES Water business customer and have not switched your retail service provider you will now be served by SES Business Water. Details about how to contact your retailer can be found on the Open Water website.

Open Water website

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We have a Wholesale Service Desk dedicated to liaising with retailers. We aim to deliver excellent customer service to both business customers and retailers and will manage the communication of planned and unplanned work to ensure retailers are kept informed.

Our team also supports retailers to establish contracts and offer ongoing support throughout the contract period. They offer advice on internal processes, conducting periodic performance reviews, escalating issues when required and recommending improvement initiatives. The team can also advise on the additional services we offer such as meter reading or obtaining meter data from loggers. 

Charges and billing

All charges, both primary and non-primary, are published in our Wholesale Charges 2023-24 document. This includes charge rates and any specific conditions associated with our service. Invoicing for water supplied will be in accordance with the market settlement reports which are based on our wholesale charges. Invoice queries should be directed to the contact shown on the invoice. Escalations of invoice queries will be handled by the account manager.


Please use the retailer forms available on the MOSL website.

Retailer forms 

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The Wholesale Service Desk is available Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm and on Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. 

Call 0203 968 9805 during working hours and use 01737 772000 for emergency issues.

Useful information

Good practice

The Retail Wholesaler Group (RWG) is a group made up of wholesalers, retailers, the non-household market operator (MOSL), Ofwat and CC Water. The group works towards improving overall customer service in the market by putting together good practice guides, which address operational issues. Copies of the RWG good practice guides can be found on the MOSL website

Credit Agreements

Loss of profit claims

Please visit our loss of profit page here for more information.