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Catchment management

It's important that we work to improve the quality of the raw water we then treat to supply to our customers.

Catchment management 

We're working with local farmers and landowners to protect the quality of our water at source, in ways that enhance nature and improve lives.

Around 85 per cent of our water supply comes from groundwater beneath our feet, in the chalk aquifers of the North Downs or Greensand further south. The remaining 15 per cent comes from Bough Beech reservoir, near Edenbridge, that is filled during winter with water pumped from the River Eden.

The water we supply to consumers has to meet strict drinking water standards, which include limits on pollutants such as nutrients, pesticides and other chemicals. Different land uses, such as agriculture, residential and industry, can introduce contaminants into the raw water supply by infiltration into groundwater or via surface run-off into rivers.

Catchment management aims to prevent pollution at source rather than relying on ‘end of pipe’ solutions, such as more energy intensive treatment processes. It is a more sustainable and cost-effective way of tackling water quality issues and can have many wider benefits for the environment and local communities too.

The groundwater and surface water catchments, where land use can impact raw water quality, are highlighted in the map below. These are the areas of focus for our catchment management strategy.





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