Saving water

Water is the world's most consumed resource, yet the average person in the UK spends just ten minutes a year thinking about their water supply. Use it wisely to reduce your bills and protect our rivers and wetlands. 

Saving water

In the south east there is 50 per cent less rainfall than the rest of the UK. By 2080 we expect the population in our supply area to increase by nearly half – that’s a million people all needing water for their vital every day needs.

But we cannot make any more. There will always only be the same amount of water on our planet and we can only use about 1 per cent of it. And it’s not just people either – the need to conserve water to protect our environment and the wildlife it supports has never been greater.

Everyone can use water wisely. We are committed to being water efficient by tackling leakage and installing more water meters across our region, but we need customers to help by being careful with the amount of water they use. But why? 

icon showing tap running waterIn our supply area each person uses around 160 litres a day which is higher than the UK average and the same as delivering 675 pints every day to each household. 


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Treating and distributing water takes large amounts of energy, with even more needed in the home to heat water for bathing and showering. This adds to carbon emissions – in fact around 6 per cent of UK emissions are linked to water use.


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To keep our rivers and wetlands healthy, and so protect their wildlife habitats, we need to limit the amount of water we abstract. This is especially important in sensitive habitats like chalk streams, such as the River Wandle and the River Hogsmill in North Surrey/South London.


This section contains a wealth of information about how you can save water and money because if we all save a little, together we can save a lot.

Ways to save water and money

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Saving money

Whatever your reason for wanting to save, see how much you use and what you can save with the Savings Engine from our partners Save Water Save Money.

Start saving today



Every drop counts customer leaflet

From where your water comes from to water saving tips and how we can support you, this leaflet is your one-stop-shop to being more water efficient.

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How to make the most of every drop

Whether you're a community group, local authority or business, this guide has information and tips to help you talk to your staff, customers and community about water saving. It can support in running events or a social media campaign about the need to use water wisely.

Download our inspirational guide

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