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Saving water

Let's work together to save water this winter

Save Money This Winter Protect you pipes to prevent leaks. Let's work together.

During a rainy autumn and winter, it might not feel like it, but the Environment Agency has classified the southeast of England, including our supply area, as being in serious water stress. Here, there is 50 per cent less rainfall than the rest of the UK.

That’s why we’re passionate about conserving water to protect our environment and the wildlife it supports. We’re committing to reduce abstractions in sensitive chalk stream catchments and developing our network to be resilient to the effects of a changing climate. This involves using our smart network to find and fix leaks quicker than ever before.

Being aware of how you use water can also help you protect your home. A sudden change in temperature could cause a leaky pipe to freeze and burst, which could mean a hefty repair bill and an impact to your water supply.

In the winter when we tend to use more energy for heating, using less water could also help you save money on your bill.

Get started by visiting our GetWaterFit calculator, from our partners Save Water Save Money, to answer a few simple questions and get on your way to using less water and saving money in the process. You can also order a range of free water-saving devices, request a free leak repair or a free water-saving check to make sure you are prepared this winter. You can also visit the links below for more useful tips and information. 

The actions we take together can make a difference for our community and to protect our local environment.

Read on for helpful tips and more information to get started today

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