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Water meters

On average, households in our area with a water meter use around 15 per cent less water and their water bills are £32 a year lower. Two out of three of our customers are already on metered charges and we'll be installing water meters for those without a meter by 2025. In the meantime, you can still apply to have a meter fitted for your home.

Our metering programme

Water meters are widely accepted as the fairest way of charging for water. Within the next few years most homes we supply will be metered, bringing us in line with other companies in the south east and helping to reduce consumption. You can find out more about the metering programme on our dedicated website, as well as watching the video below:

"Having a meter means I only pay for the water I use which has reduced how much I spend. Compared to other bills, I pay a very small amount for water which means I am better able to manage my finances and treat my family."
Mrs Kiely, a customer from Sutton

 By 2025, every household in our supply area will have a meter. We'll also be installing water meters:

  • When you move house: since 2010, our metering policy (agreed with Ofwat) is to install meters when the bill payer tells us they are moving out of a property. This includes both owner-occupier and tenanted properties
  • In new properties, newly converted homes or when building an extension. Upgrading the supply connection to a property includes fitting a meter
  • Where water use is high – for example, a hose with a sprinkler, other automatic garden watering devices or a specific category of swimming pool: The Water Industry Act 1991 allows us to install meters in these cases 
  • Where we carry out work such as a new connection to a main, stopcock repair or inspection of a leak. In these cases, we'll install meters (known as Enhanced Optant Meters) and customers have a choice whether they switch to measured charges immediately

We have the legal right to install meters for our customers, under the Water Industry Act 1991 (amended in 1999). This is because the area in which we operate has been classed as 'water stressed' by the Environment Agency, and the Government has approved our Water Resource Management Plan which includes installing meters for all customers.

To apply for a meter fill in our apply for a meter form or call our Metering team on 01737 919485. Alternatively, email

Useful information

Water meters

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Apply for a meter Use our online application form to apply for a meter

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Submit a meter reading  Use our online form to send us your latest reading

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