Saving water outdoors

Saving water outdoors

Whatever the weather, saving water outdoors is easier than you may think.

Using tap water for outdoor tasks like washing the car, watering plants or filling paddling pools in the garden accounts for around 7 per cent of total household use in a year and this can be much higher in dry weather. In fact, on a hot summer’s day we can put up to an extra 80 million litres of water into supply.

Water saving tips

  • Using a hosepipe or sprinkler for an hour is equal to the same amount of water a family of four would normally use in two days, or the average family (2.5 people) over 3 days. Lawns do not need to be watered as grass is drought resistant – as soon as the rain returns it will go from brown to green! New turf only needs watering for the first month

  • Collect rain water in water butts – plants prefer untreated water

  • Use water storage gels or granules in pot plants and hanging baskets which means you can water them less often. You could also consider planting drought resistant plants and flowers which can better withstand long dry spells

  • Use a bucket and sponge to clean cars and bikes

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Free water saving packs

There are a whole range of FREE devices available to help you save water and money. From eco shower heads to shower timers and tap aerators, little changes can add up to make a big difference.

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