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Our suppliers

Our supply chain partners are key to us delivering for our customers.

Our suppliers

We’re committed to ensuring a transparent and fair procurement process, which is in accordance with The Utilities Contracts Regulations (UCR). We adopt robust commercial procedures for the procurement of works, supplies and services that enable us to manage risk, ensure compliance, obtain value for money and deliver innovative solutions.

We procure a diverse range of works, supplies and services from a variety of suppliers to ensure a reliable and safe supply of high-quality drinking water. We are interested in developing trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers to guarantee high quality management, health and safety standards and sustainability within our supply chain. This includes complying with the Modern Slavery Statement.

We invite potential suppliers to take part in tender opportunities using two tools, both of which require registration:

Achilles UVDB which is used only at the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) stage of the tender.

Our eSourcing Portal which is used to issue and receive tenders, where all our current and planned tender events are detailed and states which tool we will use for making a call for competition.

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