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Our charges explained

Understand more about how your bill breaks down and our charging policy.

Our charges explained

We charge you for providing clean water to your property.

Depending where you live, your wastewater services are provided by either Thames Water (whose charges we include in your bill from us) or Southern Water (who send you a separate bill).

Our average bill for the year from April 2023 is £215. This is increased from the previous year and works out at around 60p per day. Our charges are explained in more detail below. If you need more information about understanding your bill or the support options we have in place for those facing financial hardship, have a look at the paying your bill section.

You can also find out how your water bill compares to others across the country and how water companies are performing on the Discover Water website.

Charges from 1 April 2024

Final charges 2024/25

Indicative charges 2024/25

Charges from 1 April 2023

Your water charges for 2024/25

Graphic for your water charges brochure

What we charge for each area that we supply.

Read your water charges 2024/25  

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