Our charges explained

Understand more about how your bill breaks down and our charging policy

Our charges explained

We charge you for providing clean water to your property.

Depending where you live, your wastewater services are provided by either Thames Water (whose charges we include in your bill from us) or Southern Water (who send you a separate bill).

Charges from 1 April 2021

Wholesale Charges for Non-Household Customer from April 2021

Wholesale Indicative Charges for Non-Household Customer from April 2021

Board Assurance Statement of Wholesale Non-Household Indicative Charges 2021-2022

Charges from 1 April 2020

Graphic for your water charges brochure

Your water charges for 2020/21

Summarises what we charge for each area that we supply.

Read your water charges 2020/21

Household water charges scheme

Outlines our charging policy and practices, such as annual standing charges, different tariffs, water meters, home moves and other services such as replacing lead pipes and on-site visits.

Statement of no significant year-on-year changes 

Highlights any key changes to our policies or charges for household customers.

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