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Your environment

We are a responsible local company committed to our communities and we pledge to support a thriving environment we can all rely upon.

Your environment

Our customers quite rightly value the environment and expect us to play a part in making it better, supporting the wildlife that lives within it. They also want us to prepare for future challenges, such as population growth and climate change.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our essential operations and continue to implement more sustainable ways of pumping, treating and distributing millions of litres of water every single day. This includes only using 100 per cent renewable energy and increasing our own solar generation which has drastically reduced our carbon emissions as we use enough electricity each day to power 13,000 homes!

Other commitments we have made include attaining The Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark at a number of our sites as well as an ongoing trial of electric vehicles.

Our environmental policy details how we assess the effect of our activities on the environment.

Preventing plastic pollution

We are working alongside other UK water companies to help achieve the industry’s Public Interest Commitments, one of which is to prevent the equivalent of 4 billion plastic bottles ending up as waste by 2030.

As part of this commitment we opened a water station to the public in the reception area of our Redhill head office, ready to hydrate the local residents in the town. We have also supported the opening of other water stations in towns across our supply area, including Dorking and Leatherhead and will continue to look for opportunities to do so.

As a company we will continually look for ways to reduce our single plastic use for example we have already removed single use plastic cups at drinking stations, worked with caterers to remove single use soup cups, reduced magazine subscriptions across the Company, provided all staff with re-usable water bottles and introduced re-usable sampling bottles in our laboratory.

Community fund for natural flood management in the Upper Darent Catchment

Under the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP), we have agreed to work with local stakeholders to help improve the Upper Darent water body in Kent to help meet the Water Framework Directive objectives.

We are making available a community fund for the benefit of any non-profit organisation / a project with a close link to natural flood management or river restoration in the Upper Darent catchment area. All you need to do is complete this form and we will review each application carefully before deciding if we are to award any funds. You can apply for an amount up to £5,000 so well worth submitting an application!

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