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Self-lay providers

Self-lay providers

For a new housing or commercial development requiring a water main extended into the site for connections to be made, we can provide a full quotation, design and delivery service, but you have a number of choices for how you pay or arrange for the work to be carried out.  You can choose to appoint your own accredited contractor known as a self-lay provider (SLP) to work with you to install the pipework. 

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Making an application

We have a single application process for developments. It is designed to capture all the data our Developer Services team need to facilitate your new connection to our water network. 

Please note: If you are planning to develop premises that will have a new postal address, we require all new postal addresses along with the local authority reference (UPRN) before the connections are made.

If you are planning to develop premises that will have a new postal address, you must seek the postal addresses from the appropriate Planning Authority at the earliest opportunity to avoid any delay. Details of how to do this can be found through the following list of Planning Authorities.

A checklist of possible information that may be required can be downloaded here.

Upon verifying that we have all the necessary information to assess your application fully we will request payment of your Application fee. The request will include a payment reference that must be quoted when paying your applications fee. Failure to do so will delay your application.

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Contact us:

Due to the increased demand on applications our phone line is currently open Monday to Thursday between 9.00am and 3.00pm. Please email us on or please call us back within these times on 01737 772000.

If you have an issue or query please see our escalation route:

In the first instance contact us on 01737 772000 or email us at

  • Level 1 - please contact your applications designated Network Advisor
  • Level 2 - if your Network Advisor has been unable to resolve your query, please email (Section Manager)
  • Level 3 - if Wayne has been unable to resolve your query, please email (Developer Services Manager) 
  • Level 4 - if the Developer Services Manager has been unable to resolve your query please email (Business Markets Manager)
Section 10 of the water sector guidance sets out the process for redress where a level of service metric has not been met by the water company.