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Our Water Resources Management Plan

Our Water Resources Management Plan 2019

Planning water resources is a long-term business. That’s why we look ahead 60 years to understand how much water will be available and how much we will need to supply. The first five years of our WRMP will be delivered through our Business Plan 2020 to 2025.

Our guide 'Your water supplies today and tomorrow' explains how we manage our water resources, ensuring we have enough water for our customers now and in the future, whatever the weather.

Our published final Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) is a revision of the draft first submitted to Defra in September 2018 and then further revised in April 2019 to reflect additional information requested by Defra. Details of the information requested by Defra, and how this is reflected in the final version of the plan, can be viewed in the Statement of Response which also includes how we have addressed feedback received from a public consultation on the draft plan. We have also made amendments to the WRMP tables. The downloads available contain the latest documents.

Final water resources management plan 2019


The plan

The final WRMP 2019 sets out our preferred plan to provide secure, reliable water supplies for our customers now and into the future. It considers how the world around us is changing and plans for population growth, climate change and to protect the local environment. It describes the measures proposed for meeting growth in demand from new and existing customers, whilst simultaneously protecting the environment. It also aims to meet the preferences of our customers established through consultation work we have carried out, and takes account of Government policy priorities.

The plan was informed by the results of modelling carried out on behalf of the Water Resources in the South East (WRSE) Group. The WRSE Group, which comprises six water companies, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, Defra, the Consumer Council for Water and Natural England, was set up to determine a regional water resources strategy comprising a range of strategic options to find the best solution for customers and the environment in South East England. The strategic options identified by the WRSE modelling included a number of bulk supplies between ourselves and neighbouring companies. We have discussed these bulk supplies with the neighbouring companies and, where requested, we have included them within our Final WRMP.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

As part of the supporting evidence to the Draft WRMP, we have prepared a Strategic Environmental Assessment. This has been revised and updated to be consistent with the Final WRMP. 




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