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Free lead replacement scheme

Free lead replacement scheme

 We replace lead pipes from the water mains in the street to the boundary of a property free of charge providing the following criteria is met

  1. Any lead piping within the property boundary has been replaced
  2. Replaced lead piping within the property boundary has passed a regulations inspection (if you use a WIAPS approved plumber they will be able to certify the work they have carried removing the need for SES Water to carry out a regulations inspection)
  3. The communication pipe from our mains to your property boundary is lead (we can check this for you if you’re not sure)

We routinely replace lead communication pipes, for example when we are laying a new water main or if a high level of lead is detected in a water sample taken at the property. We also replace lead communication pipes when the customer (or property owner) replaces their part of the service pipe, providing it is also made of lead.


We will need to inspect and pass your newly laid supply pipe in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 prior to connection onto our water main. Please refer to our information on laying a new supply pipe (located on our website on the Developers tab) for further details. If you are using an approved contractor under a Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme (WIAPS) we will require the necessary documentation prior to connecting the new supply pipe onto our water main. All existing household properties are eligible under this scheme, as well as selected properties such as schools and hospitals.


Properties on a shared service pipe are also eligible. Under the scheme, we replace the communication pipe at our expense providing the required route of the new pipe does not involve abnormal costs. If it does, we will subsidise the cost of the work. You will be required to have a current account number with us to participate in this scheme.