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Our gender pay gap report

Since April 2017 companies with 250 or more employees have been required by law to carry out gender pay gap reporting under the Equality Act 2010.

As is common across our sector, the main reasons for our gender pay and bonus gap is that there are more men than women in senior roles as well as more men in roles that attract shift pay and other working pattern allowances.

However, SES Water is committed to making sure we are doing what we can to address these gaps. We believe in creating a diverse workforce which ensures equal opportunities for all employees. We do not discriminate based on gender.

We know there is more we can do though and some of the actions we are taking include:

  • Regularly reviewing our organisation design, pay review calibrations and current approval process for vacancies
  • Continuing to recruit new colleagues directly from the business to attract a wider range of candidates, inform the early careers audience and consider apprenticeships where possible
  • Reviewing our website careers page to better reflect our benefits, culture, career progression, as well as purpose and values
  • Empowering our managers with a range of tools to assess role-based skills and recruitment training as required
  • Creating more visibility on our social media channels about available job vacancies
  • Continuing to celebrate events such as International Women's Day and International Women in Engineering Day, inspiring people with stories from across our business and providing networking opportunities

We will continue not just as a standalone company, but as a sector, to jointly decrease the gender pay gap.

SES Water confirms the gender pay gap information published in these reports is accurate.

Ian Cain

Group Chief Executive Officer

Our gender pay gap reports

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