Merstham mains replacement

COVID-19 update

In response to the latest Government advice, we have stopped non-essential activity. As key workers providing an essential public service, our employees must continue to deal with emergencies in customers’ homes and in the roads across our supply area. This means all current and planned mains replacement work has been put on hold until we are advised to continue. For more information about how are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak click here.

Merstham mains replacement

We are investing £775k in an important water mains renewal project in the Merstham area to secure safe and reliable drinking water supplies for homes and businesses.

Large parts of the existing water mains were laid in the late Victorian era and the pipes are now reaching the end of their operational life. The new water mains will provide secure safe and reliable drinking water supplies for homes and businesses for many years to come.

The project will involve laying approximately 1.9km of new main high-performance polyethylene pipe in the Merstham area (Albury Road, Southcote Road, Battlebridge Lane, Bourne Road, Deans Road, Endsleigh Road, Manor Road, Albert Road, The Crossways, Nutfield Road and School Hill) as well as renewing the service connections to all properties. Our Keeping your water flowing booklet explains the four stages needed to lay a water main and answers some key questions you may have.