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If you are looking for a plumbing business, we recommend you select one which is an eligible member of an Approved Contractors Scheme.

Using an approved contractor will give you the following benefits:

  • They are fully qualified to carry out plumbing work in homes and businesses, with specific training in Water Fittings Regulations. If you use a plumber that isn't qualified you may find the work is poorly installed, or worse, you are left with a risk that your water supply could become contaminated
  • You will be issued with a 'Work Completed' certificate, which protects you (or the property owner) if challenged by the water supplier enforcing the Regulations. Approved Contractors are required to put right any work which is found not to meet the requirements of the Regulations
  • In many cases, plumbers have a legal duty to notify the water supplier before they start work and this can lead to delays. Approved contractors do not normally need to provide this notification
  • Approved businesses hold public and employers' liability insurance
  • If you have any concerns about the work, there is an independent complaints procedure
  • Approved businesses are audited to check they are complying with the rules of their Approved Contractors Scheme

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Approved Contractors

Notification to all scheme plumbers and groundworkers undertaking work within the SES Water supply area:

  • From 1st April 2021 SES Water will require along with a work completion certificate, photos of any job carried out by a WIAPS plumber or groundworker when laying a new supply pipe. The photos should clearly show the depth of the trench and point of entry is at the minimum 750mm required, the ducting, insulation (if required), both ends of the duct sealed and a stop valve fitted with a drain off.

  • When using an insuduct box to install a new supply pipe you are required to notify SES Water that you intend to use the product. Under Regulation 5 of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 you are required to notify SES Water of any water system laid outside a building and either less than 750mm or more than 1350mm below ground level; an insuduct box would fall within this category.

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