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Water Myths

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A battle is raging in our fight to save water. The Water Myths are striving to spread the wrong information and have us believe we are powerless to do anything.

But fighting back is the Truth - the facts and reality that can take down the Myths and empower us all to save water. As we strive to conserve our planet and our habits, as well as cut our water bills, come with us on a journey of discovery as we take on the wicked ways of the Water Myths...


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Water myths at home

The fight against the Myths starts with you and your family, where small changes can add up to a big difference in the quest to save water. Scroll through the Water Myths at home below:


 Myths about my area

The water you use has a direct impact on the area to live in and the environment around you. Saving water will help make your area a better place to live. Scroll through the Water Myths about your area below:



Myths that affect the planet

It takes a lot of energy to treat and distribute water, so reducing the amount of water you use can make a significant impact on carbon emissions and help protect the planet. Scroll through the Water Myths that affect the planet below:


Help us share the Truth in the fight to save water

We want to inspire people and demonstrate how small, practical water-saving actions can really make a positive difference to the world we live in. Download the partner pack, social media assets and campaign visuals below and help us share and spread the Truth about the Water Myths from your own social media channels. 

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