More customers to receive a discount on their water bill

More customers to receive a discount on their water bill following changes to SES Water's social tariff


From 1 April, SES Water has changed the eligibility criteria of its Water Support Scheme, which offers reduced charges to eligible people facing financial hardship, to increase the number of customers who can apply for the discounted tariff.

The change opens the scheme to households on a low income without also needing to be aged 62 and over, registered disabled or caring for a child under five, giving customers who were not previously eligible the opportunity to receive the discount which will also automatically apply to their sewerage charges.

As part of its promises to customers in their 2020 to 2025 Business Plan, SES Water has joined with four other south east water companies to take the first steps in fully aligning the support schemes across the region to give customers the help they require without having to contact multiple organisations. They are also committing to more than double the number of customers on their Water Support Scheme by 2025 to 19,000 people.

Head of Retail Services, Dan Lamb, said: “Annual water bills have been landing on doormats over the last few weeks and although the average bill is increasing by just £5, we know that any increase, no matter how small, can have an impact. Everybody needs water and we are committed to ensuring that all our customers can afford to pay their bill. With the new criteria in place, we’re writing to those we know were not previously eligible to let them know about the change. Those currently on the scheme are not affected by the change but we encourage all customers who may need additional support to call us or visit our website to find out more about how we can help.”

 Customers with money worries that are making paying for their water harder, even just temporarily, can find out more about the discount and other support available at or by calling 01737 772000.