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Standpipe services

When extracting water from our mains, it's important that these extractions are controlled to protect the quality of water supplies and to prevent theft.

Standpipe services 

The provision of standpipes is handled by our appointed, specialist provider, Supply UK Water Services (An Aquam Company).

We understand that customers may find it difficult and confusing knowing what the correct and lawful use of water Standpipes and the subsequent uncontrolled unregulated water extraction is, but we want to make it simple.

You can find more information about the process of hiring a standpipe and how to do this through Supply UK Water Services. They provide a simple service of locating, organising and delivering the correct legally compliant standpipe. 

Wherever you are working and require a standpipe please do not hesitate to contact them on 0844 984 0156 or visit their website for information on pricing and terms of hire.

You can also read our factsheet below detailing more information about the extraction of water from our mains.