Pebble Hill Road Betchworth

Emergency repair to water main - Pebble Hill Road

Due to a leaking water fitting on one of our water mains on Pebble Hill Road, Betchworth we will begin emergency work to repair the main on Friday 14 February. Our repair work will take place outside the property Ronda.

Traffic management 

To ensure the safety of our members of staff and other road users, we will need to close a section of Pebble Hill Road whilst we complete our repair works. The closure will be in place from 8:30pm on Friday 14 February until the end of Sunday 16 February however, this may over run if weather conditions take a turn for the worse. 

Road closures are used when we are unable to provide the required legal clearances to protect our workforce and road users. Access for residents within the closed section will be maintained throughout our works. For properties north of  the property Ronda access will be via Dorking Road and for properties to the south, access will be via Reigate Road.

A signed diversion route will be in place during the closure.

Working hours
Some stages of the work will require us to work during the night - mainly between 11pm on Friday 14 February and 6am on Saturday 15 February. We will endeavour to keep the noise to a minimum however, the machinery we use will inevitably cause some noise. Our team will work as quickly and as quietly as they can to complete the work with as minimal disruption as possible.  

Water supply
During the night work (between 11pm on Friday 14 February and 6am on Saturday 15 February) we will be working on the water main - this means we may have to temporarily interrupt your water supply. If you are a customer likely to be affected you should have received a letter earlier this week with the following information:

  • Whilst we are carrying out our night work - only use hot or cold water if you really need to (you could pre-fill your kettle or place a jug of cold water in your fridge) and do not use washing machines or dishwashers.
  • After we have completed the work - check the water from your kitchen tap is clear before using it for drinking, cooking or when using your washing machines or dishwasher.

Once we have restored the supply you may see tiny air bubbles in your water, making it look milky or cloudy - this is normal. The air bubbles will slowly rise to the top of the glass, clearing from the bottom upwards. You should only experience this for a couple of hours.

If you do experience cloudy water (which does not clear from the bottom upwards) at any time, we recommend you check the water at regular intervals to see if there are any changes. Please do not leave your tap running continuously, as this is a waste of water. You can find out more about discoloured water on our Water in your home page

If you have any other questions, please contact us on 01737 772000 between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. If your call is an emergency you can contact our 24 hour Control Room on the same number.