Getting connected

We have a specialist Developer Services team to guide you through your new connection and can arrange for a site survey and a quotation for the work required.

Getting connected

Read our Laying a new water supply pipe factsheet for information on getting connected.

Connect your water supply Apply for a new or replacement water connection to a new or existing property

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Free lead replacement scheme  In most cases we can replace lead piping within a property

Upgrade an existing supply We can help you upgrade your existing supply 

Cost estimates

You can use our charging arrangements calculator to estimate the costs of the work. We need to know the length and type of pipe, as well as traffic management arrangements. The calculator is based on straight pipes and simple fittings and a full survey will be needed to provide an accurate quotation. 

When you have completed the calculator, please email it to

Our charges

All quotations are valid for three months and payable in advance.

There is an infrastructure charge for any new property connection to ensure that the extra demand does not impact other customers. If you are just replacing 'like for like' you may not be charged. There are similar infrastructure charges for new connections to the sewerage network and if your new property is serviced by Thames Water, we will also collect their charges at the same time. Our regulator, Ofwat, sets charging levels to make allowance for previous or multiple use of water at a site. For further information please visit

Other charges to consider that will be included in your quotation as applicable:

  • Metering an existing supply if you require a temporary water supply for construction purposes

  • Rounding pipelaying charges to the nearest metre

  • Manifold connections to reduce the need for multiple connections

  • Contributing to mains laying to provide an adequate supply

  • Traffic management, such as road closures and parking bay suspensions

  • We use HM Revenue & Customs’ interpretation of VAT legislation as our guide on how to correctly charge VAT on the services we provide. Our work attracts a different rate of VAT according to the type of service we are supplying, the type of property involved and where the work is being carried out. In most cases VAT is applicable either at standard or zero rate.

 Self-lay providers

For a new housing or commercial development requiring a water main extended into the site for connections to be made, we can provide a full quotation, design and delivery service, but you have a number of choices for how you pay or arrange for the work to be carried out.  You can choose to appoint your own accredited contractor known as a Self-Lay Provider (SLP) to work with you to install the pipework.   

Find SLPs working in our area

Lead pipes

It’s worth considering a replacement supply connection, even if you are just renovating an old house. If you are replacing a lead supply pipe, we will usually replace the section from our mains to the property boundary free of charge. Please read our lead factsheet for more details.

Fire sprinklers

It is important that these systems are fitted correctly to ensure they will work as expected, whilst protecting the drinking water supply from contamination. Read our Installation of fire sprinklers factsheet for more information.

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